Saturday, August 6, 2016

The cycle of Violence

Another body was lowered in the ground in Kashmir. This time the direction of the violence was from the other end of the Jawahar tunnel, an area which is known as the safest place in Jammu and Kashmir. It is almost a garrison town, surrounded by Army cantonments and ranges. The summers are less harsh in this area. I am talking about Udhampur, the place where the two kashmiri truckers were attacked.

I don't know whether their actions warranted this kind of vicious attack, or the other technicalities of the case. But, what I am worried about is the cycle of violence that will get unleashed aftermath.

More coffins, more graveyards, more protests, more violence. Again and Again. This time it is the cow-meat debate, next it would be Quran desecration, cartoon from Denmark. In short, any thing which is out of normal will lead to a complete breakdown of the normal life in the Valley.

When are we going to look up, take out our head from this sand. Has any one single journalist ever asked Mr. Geelani  where his kids are living. Are his children also a part of these protests. Are they leading some procession to the security forces camp? Have they endured the hardships of the police custody or anything remotely close to that?

How can Kashmiris be blind to these facts, the man who is claiming to be their messaih, has kept his kids and family safe in Dubai. Where they are living normal lives, working, studying far from the shutdowns, curfews, cross firings.

What have we gained in all these years except tears, death, blood shed. Is the lives of our youngsters so cheap, that we send them to pelt stones on the armed security forces.

Every time a kid gets killed or injured during the protests, instead of introspecting and halting the protests, we send another brain washed kid up the ladder. Another bullet gets fired, and somewhere some mother who doesn't know shit about the world politics ends up beating her chest as she looses the apple of her eye. Nobody can understand the pain of Kashmiri women. The have lost uncountable sons and husbands in this love triangle of militants, Pakistan and India since last three decades.

A leader brings stability and peace not death, he doesn't asks for your kids so that he can feed them to the bullets. We are at least 20 years behind any half-developed state in India. There is dearth of jobs, industries as well as opportunities.

Stop this cycle and let there be no more Zahids, or Shahids dying in the protests. We are the most politically aware state in India. Let's use our brains instead of hearts, let's forget the ghosts of the partition. Our future is hitched with India, the sooner we get that lesser the number of graveyards. Punjab is an shining example in front of us. Only public-will together with the support of the state police can end this scourge of militancy. No one else can do anything about it.

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