Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 people you would love to avoid at all costs

1. Nothing can be more frightful than a demonic scorn of a pissed off girlfriend. In olden days, it could have burnt you to the ground.

2. Colleagues, who side stepped you to promotion. You are no longer a big hug bunny to them.

3. Profs, whose courses you flunked. You may be a big shot manager by now, but you will always try not bump into him/her, during the alum meets.

4. Neighborhood Uncle and Aunt, who know your academic record like the Sachin’s centuries.

5. Relatives and family friends whose wards have foreign degrees and their parents can’t shut up about that; nor can yours.

6. That one cousin in your family, who shared the same crush as you.

7. Few school and college friends, you no longer feel connected to. Just share few old jokes and pass on mate.

8. Your weed dealer, if he is under arrest.

9. Landlord, when you bring a girl over for a ‘Night Cap’.

10. Former classmate, whose ‘Diaper-Delivering’ start-up just got a funding of 1 million from a VC, while you bide your time napping in the cubicle.

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