Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ishaan Square

“Misterr Ishaaaan  fucking Kauuuuuul” Ankita screamed.

” Another mention of that bitch Nikita and I am going to kill you, she dumped you for some hot shot banker six years ago, you know what dumped means, I guess two years of teaching first standard  kids must have taught you the meaning of dump, she must be having a great family now, couple of kids and here you are half bottle down, pissing on our vacation.” His Girlfriend of six months was half drunk but that didn’t stop her from giving him an earful.

“Yaaa… but …that night was magical …..” Ishaan didn't finish.

Ishaan Kaul is actually a software engineer who quit his high paying job to teach primary kids English at a convent school.

“Welcome back Mr. Kaul, while you were away on vacation, we have inducted a new boy in your class, he is an absolute delight” Miss Mendoza the head mistress said.
“Where is he?” Ishaan replied, still in vacation hangover.
“Oh, here he comes.”

A thin boy of five walks towards them and as he was coming closer, Ishaan’s eyes narrowed and lips quivered.

“Hello!! Ishaan, meet your English Teacher, Mr. Ishaan Kaul, it’s like Ishaan square” said Mrs Mendoza laughing alone at her joke.

“Isn’t he cute Mr. Kaul, just like you” Miss Mendoza blushed.

Ishaan’s expression turned grim

“Why don’t we meet his mother? She must be in the principal’s office”
They walked towards the office.

“Nikita, this is Mr. Kaul, our brilliant young   English teacher”, Principal said, pointing towards the door.

As she turned around, Ishaan’s knees gave away and he fainted.

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