Friday, November 21, 2014

Mr. Feminist

“Please leave my clothes there; yes I know they stink!!”

“Nooo, I will just soak them, you can wash them afterwards.”

“No means no, I need a girlfriend, not a maid.”

“If the GF wants you to have clean shirt and underwear, is that against your lofty principles?”

“Look why are we arguing about it, you want me to be clean, let me do it, you don’t need to do this stuff.”

“But why, you don’t want me to be a part of your life, why these distances honey?”

“Ohh good GOD!!, where do these things come into your mind, from centuries we have been chastised that we have stereotyped women folk, and now when someone is taking a stand, it still affects you, this is bullshit”

“It’s not bullshit; AND PLEASE mind your language, it’s just I would feel closer to you if you let me do the dishes after dinner or teach me cooking, or let me sweep the room after our romps”

“Baby, I can hire a maid to do the cleaning and washing, I really don’t want you to do that.”

“Oh really, why not… tell me…had your EX did the same thing, wouldn’t you let her?”

One microsecond long break

“Ohh great, I knew it, you are still not out of her shadow, I knew it, you still love her, tell me?”

“Oh my fucking lord…I just take a second to ponder and you accuse me of  infidelity, great, you could have asked  this question directly rather than this whole rigor more of cleaning and washing. Why are you so complex? Dating you is like dating a CIA interrogator.”

“Fantastic!!! Now I have turned from “I love ur lips, baby “ to a fucking CIA interrogator, good, you promoted me pretty fast, no?”

“Ok, can we just imagine that this conversation never happened?”

“Why don’t you imagine we never met, good bye Mr. Feminist in your pants.”
“How dare you!!”
“Oh please, gimme a break,  I have seen you curl your long lashes, so don’t give me this crap. I am packing my stuff; I have you wired my share of the rent. I have found a new  apartment closer to my office, where I can live with civilized people of my species, so I am moving out tomorrow.”

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  1. Interesting. Of course this story is a subtle dig at women. It's funny but its funny at women's expense. Feminism is about freedom of choice, so if the lady in question wanted to wash his clothes she doesn't need to be laughed at. He also has the freedom to choose to wash his own clothes. But they could have been more empathetic to each other and explained their point of view each to the other.

  2. "feminist" is the sarcasm the lady uses to his BF at the end. Don't ignore the "pants" parts in the "Feminist in his pants" comment. It had a sinister meaning. He was too gentle, if you get what I mean. hahah

    Thanks for your review.