Tuesday, May 6, 2014

7 reasons, why a Tarantino movie will fail in India

  1. It doesn’t have a mindless dancing sequence, where the hero and heroine (viewers too) take a break from the story and let the dance director show case his talent.
  2. It has long conversations where characters are straight faced, how can we stand that?
  3. It actually has a story which is not run of the mill.
  4. In the end everyone can die too. It is preposterous for us (We are Ramanand Sagar fans)
  5. Hero doesn’t always win. Unlike Chennai Express
  6. We cannot stand blood and gore. We like dishum dishum .
  7. We don’t like back and forth sub-plots in our movies. Story can go back only if there is “Pichla/Punar Janam”.

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